The Big Red Store The Big Red Store Dobbins Cemetery at Appleton Civil War soldiers buried in this cemetery. 189290418 Hobe Warren sitting at his desk at the Big Red Store, his brother Jim was ran the 24 hr drug store. 189290419 Big Red Store in 1902 189290420 The Butler House sitting next to the Big Red Store, built abt 1906 after the big Red Store had been built in abt 1902. 189290421 1st Store in Appleton before the Big Red Store was built 189290422 189290423 Cotton Gin The Gin sat across in front of the Big Red Store. 189290424 The Big Red Store shortly after opening in 1902. 189290425 189290426 School at Appleton 189290427 Dobbins Family and home The house was used by Mississippi Calvary Unit as a headquarters. The stayed there until 4 pm on the morning of Dec. 26, 1864. 189290428 Big Red Store Today after renovation. 189291069 189291070 Dobbins Cemetery First 4 graves family of Alexander Dobbins , daughter and other family members. 189291071 189291072 Hobe Warren inside the Big Red Store sometime between 1930-1940 - no electricity in store at the time. 189291073 189291074 The Big Red store before renovation 189291075 Robert Wesley Appleton Home Robert Wesley Appleton home he was postmaster Jan16, 1858 189315851 Appleton Home in 1902 another view of home in 1902 189315852 4th of July fun 193944287 Fun on the 4th of July 193944288